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Slow Cooker Granola

Slow Cooker Granola

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Looking for a healthy snack to get you through the afternoon or after your morning coffee wears off? This gluten-free granola is really simple to make, portable and loaded with vitamins and minerals! Sprinkle some of this on the top of yogurt, and you have a perfect breakfast parfait, or take it with you on the go for a delicious snack. <br> <center> `QUICK TIP: Mix up the flavors with your favorite dried fruit!` <br> <br> #<b>Slow Cooker Granola</b> <span style="color:teal"> <br> PREP TIME: 5 minutes |COOK TIME: 3-4 hours | Serves: 6-8 </center> <br> ####*INGREDIENTS:*<br> <ul class="recipe-ingredients"> <li>4 tablespoons salted butter or coconut oil, melted</li> <li>5 cups uncooked gluten-free rolled oats</li> <li>½ cup honey</li> <li>½ cup dried fruit, no sugar added</li> <li>2 tablespoon flax seeds</li> <li>¼ cup slivered almonds</li> <li>¼ cup pumpkin seeds</li> <li>¼ cup raw sunflower seeds</li> <li>¼ cup raw unsweetened organic coconut</li> ####*DIRECTIONS:* 1. Place all the dry ingredients into the slow cooker. 2. Melt the butter or coconut oil and add to dry ingredients. 3. Stir in the honey and mix well. 4. Cook on high for 3 to 4 hours and stir periodically. Keep the lid ajar so some of the moisture can escape easily. 5. Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

Feel great and remember to enjoy your health!

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* Although it is not specified in the recipe, I only use ingredients that are organic and/or GMO-free. I believe this is the healthiest way to eat and encourage everyone to do so as much as possible. It is a more expensive way to eat but it is worth every penny!

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