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Use these 4 Kitchen "Tricks"
To Make Healthy Versions Of Your Favorite Forbidden Foods...

Dear Future Home Chef,

Woman with Measuring Tapes Today, I want share with you 4 quick and easy tricks you can start using right away to make recipes that are substitutes for the 4 forbidden food groups.

After all, trying to completely avoid the foods you love — whether they are forbidden or not! — will lead you down a path of yo-yo dieting and feeling bad about yourself that you definitely don’t want to be on!

Make sure you use the tips I’m about to share so you can always have healthy substitutes for these foods.

I’m Sure You’re Probably Wondering
What These 4 Forbidden Food Groups Are, Right?

So let me tell you what they are and why they wreak havoc on your body.

And...while I’m at it, I want to share some scientifically validated information that you might not know about the foods you’ve been eating.

Pizza I really want you to understand how bad it is when you take shortcuts in your diet.

And then after I do that, I'll show you how to make substitutes for these forbidden food groups so you can start to purposely work on improving the way you eat.

This way, you can make sure that everything you put in your mouth is going to be healthy and nutritious.

The 4 forbidden food groups are...

  • Bread...
  • Sugar and Sweets...
  • Junk Food, and...
  • Alcohol...

Now, you and I both know that these foods are obviously bad for you.

However, you've probably eaten at least one thing out of this list in the last 10 days, right?

Truth is...although you definitely already know that these things aren't good for your health and fitness goals, you still eat them and drink them every now and then.

And when you try to stop doing it by using willpower alone, you always end up failing...which leaves you feeling like a failure.

The Worst Part Is Most Diet Gurus
Just Tell You To Keep Trying Harder...

Diet Guru...To stop being "weak minded" because if you don't, you'll never see the results you want in the way you look and feel.

And that's a problem because it basically puts all the weight on you. Literally.

Well, this is why people fail over and over again when they try to improve their health through dieting alone.

It's not your fault!

The fact is...the 4 forbidden foods I just shared with you are highly addictive. And on top of that...all of them affect your brain just like opioid painkillers do.

Forbidden Foods Keep You Coming Back For More!

And this is why I will NEVER tell you to stop eating them.

Instead...I'll give you 4 tips you can start using today so you can make substitutions that won't leave you still feeling hungry and dealing with ridiculous cravings that will derail your progress.

I'll share those in just a sec but before I do, I want to make sure you understand why you need to avoid eating these 4 foods the way they are normally made.

Now, most of us are eating or drinking one or all of them at some point during the week.

And just in case you're not sure of what's wrong with these four types of foods...I'll share briefly.

  • Bread made the traditional way has gluten in it, and even if you're not gluten intolerant, gluten has a super-carbohydrate in it that is more powerful and addictive than the sugar you find in most candy.
  • Most sweet treats have way too much sugar in them - not to mention the chemicals that come from coloring and preservatives.
  • Alcohol is naturally a neurotoxin, and when you drink, your metabolism ignores fat completely and tries to get the alcohol out of your system instead...and...
  • Junk food, while delicious and great to have at social events or on weekends when you're just lounging at home alone...it's processed food. And there's usually all kinds of chemicals in it that defeats the entire purpose of staying healthy.

It's Important For You To Know
How The Things You Eat And Drink Affect Your Health

And now that I've scared you to death, let me share with you 4 tips you can use starting today in order to create healthy substitutions for each one.

  • TIP #1 is to make your bread at home and use a gluten free flour like almond, coconut, potato, or even a chickpea flour. The texture and flavor are both still amazing, and you'll get to avoid the negative impact that gluten has on your body.
  • Tip #2 is instead of using sugar, use low-calorie and healthy alternatives like stevia or fruit juice. You'd be surprised at how amazing food tastes when it's sweetened more naturally as long as you have good recipes to follow!
  • Tip #3 is when you want junk food, use whole food ingredients and make your snacks at home instead of buying them at the grocery store where you can't account for all the ingredients. And...
  • Tip #4 is for adult drinks. Anytime you make a cocktail at home, use stevia or fruit juice for sweeteners, and if you can substitute anything healthy like kombucha instead of another ingredient, GO FOR IT!

Now, These 4 Tips Are Great
But What's The Permanent Solution?

If you're a normal person, it's probably impossible for you to imagine a life without bread, sweets, junk food and some cocktails from time to time, right?

Well...you don't have to!

Because today, I wanna give you my new cookbook that contains 77 forbidden food recipes for free! I call it...

Forbidden Foods The Healthy Way:

77 Cheat Food Recipes
You And Your Friends Will Love!

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Forbidden Foods the Healthy Way

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Forbidden Foods
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See...it's not a given that "forbidden" foods have to damage your healthy lifestyle.

So what I want to do is offer you a free cookbook filled with 77 recipes of these forbidden foods that are delicious alternatives to the foods I told you about a few minutes ago.

You can make each recipe at home in about 30 minutes.

And you're going to love how they taste!

Recipes like...

Gluten Free Banana Loaf

Gluten Free Banana Loaf:
Imagine having an amazing banana bread recipe that makes you the envy of all your friends. It's moist, delicious, and it'll fill your whole home with the most amazing banana bread smell!


You'll never eat a dry or lackluster burger again when you use this recipe! Your burger patties will be juicy and flavorful...and you'll probably want seconds or thirds!

Gluten Free Pizza

Gluten Free Pizza:
You won't even be able to tell the crust on this cheesy delight is gluten free. This quick and easy-to-make dish is great for weekends or for spending time with friends. And you won't feel guilty at all after you finish eating.

Grapefruit Mojito

Grapefruit Mojito:
I put a twist on this Cuban adult beverage and added honey instead of sugar. It's so refreshing and it's perfectly sweet...and it tastes identical to your favorite mojito.

But Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Katie Bramlett As I shared earlier, my name is Katie, and I'm a popular food blogger.

My husband runs a well-known fitness and workout brand, and he and I are very into health and wellness.

Between Facebook and email, I've built a community of people that's close to half a million people strong.

And the one thing they all know is that they can rely on me for recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.

I've Learned The Hard Way That
It Doesn't Matter Where You Start Out...
It's More Important Where You End Up

When I was younger, I absolutely loved sweets and candy. I still do.

Candy Jar My mom used to hide candy from me and my brother, and I’ll never forget the day that I discovered her secret stash. I felt so betrayed.

I guess that was kind of the start of an imbalance in my eating habits. My sweet tooth was out of control!

As I got older, I tried to be more purposeful in the way I ate...

...and I found myself believing that extremes were the only way to go. It was either black or white for me.

I’ve probably tried just about every diet variation there is.

And it wasn’t until I ended up in the hospital for major digestive problems that I decided that I had to figure out a better way to live ... and I couldn’t make everything revolve around food.

And That Leads Me Back To
The Recipe Book I Want To Send You

Forbidden Foods The Healthy Way Forbidden Foods The Healthy Way is a recipe book filled with 77 "cheat food" recipes...and it has saved me from totally messing up my diet time and time again.

I've included bread recipes that are totally gluten-free and absolutely amazing.

And I've also made sure not to use refined sugar but instead I use natural, healthy, great-tasting sweeteners that won't add empty calories to your food.

You're going to get really tasty junk food recipes for things like pizza, brownies, and cookies...and I even have adult beverages that are healthier than usual because I swap out chemical coloring for ingredients that color the drinks naturally.

And I use healthy blends that both cut calories and lessen some of the effects that alcohol has on your body.

I'd like to give all of these recipes to you for free.

Get The New Forbidden Foods The Healthy Way Cookbook Free!

Forbidden Foods the Healthy Way

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Forbidden Foods
The Healthy Way

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Get 77 dessert, junk food, bread and cocktail recipes that are delicious and prepared the healthy way in this new cookbook shipped to your door for free!

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All of These Recipes Are Made With
Healthy Whole Food Ingredients!

This is important because, when you cook with whole food...

  • You'll be able to manage your weight more easily. Whole food doesn't pack on the pounds like regular junk food does with all its chemicals and additives.
  • You'll feel better in general. Whole food is nutritious, energizing, and your body loves it all the way down to the cellular level.
  • You'll be putting good things into your body. You won't have to worry anymore about reading those weird, unpronounceable chemicals on the back of a bag or on the side of a box. Whole food isn't anything like processed food. And most of all...
  • You'll be more confident in your ability to choose a health and fitness goal and actually reach it. It doesn't matter if you're trying to lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, or cholesterol.
  • You'll be able to save money. Eating healthily is way less expensive than eating out or buying snacks from the grocery store.
  • You'll have great snacks to make for weekend parties or family events. You'll be the talk of your social circle!
  • You'll spend very little time in the kitchen. Most of these recipes take 30 minutes or less to make from prep time to cooking.
  • You'll have enough for leftovers. You don't have to eat all your snacks at once. What you make on Thursday...you can still be eating on Sunday. And you'll even find that...
  • You'll impress people with your newfound skills in the kitchen. Healthy cocktails and great-tasting food that won't make you fat are all the rage. Just imagine how cool you'll be when people find out you know how to make them, yourself!

So Let Me Send You Your Free Copy of
Forbidden Foods The Healthy Way
To Your Doorstep As My Gift To You!

Instead of charging you $19.95 plus shipping and handling — which is more than fair for a book of this quality, I want to give it to you at no charge.

All you have to cover is shipping and handling.

It's a beautifully-bound recipe book that is super easy to use in the kitchen. And it should arrive at your door in 7-10 business days.

These recipes are a simple way for you to be healthy and still eat all the foods you love. If you've ever felt like it's impossible to take good care of yourself and still enjoy your snacks and "forbidden" foods, this book is for you.

Get The New Forbidden Foods The Healthy Way Cookbook Free!

Forbidden Foods the Healthy Way

Claim your FREE COPY

Forbidden Foods
The Healthy Way

Right Now While Supplies Last!
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Get 77 dessert, junk food, bread and cocktail recipes that are delicious and prepared the healthy way in this new cookbook shipped to your door for free!

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